STS-127 Launch Scrub

Last night’s trip to Titusville for the launch of Endeavor on space shuttle mission STS-127 was great fun up until a fuel leak was discovered and the launch scrubbed.

If you do not get tickets for the NASA launch site then the best place is Space View Park in Titusville, FL – I met a guy named Ozzie a few months ago who runs the site and he offers the best updates and information on launches I have found.

I’ll be going back as soon as possible to catch a launch before the shuttle program concludes next year. Hopefully this will be the last STS-127 Launch Scrub.

If you are coming into the area to watch a launch let me know I’m always up for another shot!


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  1. Juli Jones says:

    Thanks for your info. we’re coming out from CA for the August 6th launch of Discovery. We have a tight window (leaving the 8th), so I hope that launch isn’t delayed like this one was.

  2. Juli Jones says:

    Are your photos taken from Titusville Spaceview Park?

  3. kestrachern says:

    Photos are taken from the Spaceview Park using at best a 55mm zoom lens on Canon Digital Rebel DSLR.

    I dunno if Ozzie has a Twitter account but I follow him on as he offers the best resource for launch info. He is also very responsive and always glad to meet First timers coming to view the launch. Also keep up to date on the weather and the NASA launch schedule page

    Where are you flying into, Orlando or another place?


    Where are yo

  4. Juli Jones says:

    Flying into Orlando. We’re in S.F. Bay Area -Silicon Valley near San Jose. Ozzie’s site is helpful… as is your info. Thanks!

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