25 miles to the west of San Francisco lies the Farallon Islands. In 2006 a former girlfriend and I went on a trip out to the islands for a wildlife exploration. It was an all day trip that was bracketed with trips for sushi. I was worried about seasickness and went the more natural route, using ginger as a remedy. What is a better ginger delivery system than sushi? (oh yeah and cookies)

It was a classic foggy San Francisco morning when we set out, and the sea was incredibly calm, it took the better part of three hours to reach the islands.  I was amazed at the amount of wildlife present around and on the island. Despite late October being the end of the bird nesting season, there were still many of the feathered critters about. Including a very late season puffin paddling curiously about our boat. Sea lions and seals played in the water and sunned themselves on the rock. But the best part was spotting whales!

I had not seen whales in the wild before this trip and was treated to several pods of humpback whale.  It is really cool to spot them as they come to the surface to breath and I was taken aback by how loud their breath sounds are.

On the way back to San Francisco we came along Point Reyes and stopped to check the captains crab pots so he could pick up dinner for the night.

I loved being out on the ocean, just out of sight of land, except for the Farallones.   This was is the furthest from land I have been.   I can’t wait to get a sailboat and begin exploring off shore here in Florida.

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