DJs, Fireworks, and Dan’s Housewarming

I remember watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica this weekend.  So much that Shelley and I finally finished the series we started on June 17.  Other than BSG there were DJs, Fireworks, and Dan’s Housewarming to keep us busy.   Chris and Tyler have been wanting to do a sunset style party along the water in St. Petersburg and we finally pulled it together on the fourth of July.  We set up at 10Am in North Shore Park.  It was a great experiment and went over very well.  We had no problems with local law enforcement despite the fact they were walking/driving through the park several times.  Consensus was that they were there only due to the fourth of July celebration and not a the usual park officers.   We packed up at around 6pm so we could get some food and head over to watch the fireworks.   Chris and Tyler cooked up brats and showed us around their place.  We hopped on bikes and made it to Vinoy park just as the first salvo from the evenings entertainment went off.  After the show we rode over to a local pub but Shelley and I were in the mood to ride about so made our goodbyes and headed off to explore norther St. Pete on out bikes.  Getting home we watched BSG until the early morning.  We woke up Sunday with three episodes of BSG to go and so pressed on before heading over to Dan’s housewarming party.

Dan knows some very cool people in the area and it was great fun to hang out and chat on a relaxing Sunday.  Getting back to our apartment Shelley and I rested for a bit before diving into Romancing the Stone.  Michael Douglas rocked that movie!

And so that was the weekend of DJs, Fireworks, and Dan’s Housewarming.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just plain fun!

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