Space View Park

Close-up view of Kennedy Space Center from Space View Park

Space View Park (Google Map, directions) in Titusville, Florida is the premier location for viewing Shuttle and other rocket launches from Kennedy Space Center if you do not have a ticket from NASA for up close and personal launch viewing. Things to bring: Binoculars Chairs or comfy blankets Food and Drinks (no alcohol permitted) Still […]


STS-127 Launch Scrub

Landscape of the launch complex.  Shuttle barely visible on the left the Vehicle Assembly Building on the right

Last night’s trip to Titusville for the launch of Endeavor on space shuttle mission STS-127 was great fun up until a fuel leak was discovered and the launch scrubbed. If you do not get tickets for the NASA launch site then the best place is Space View Park in Titusville, FL – I met […]




Space Shuttle Atlantis headed off to service the Hubble telescope this afternoon.  The afternoon launch while not as spectacular as a night lunch is still beautiful to see.  It takes about 45 seconds from liftoff till it is visible here in St. Petersburg.  It was exiting to see a crowd gather at the top of The Pier […]


Project Jackrabbit


The moon has often been a focus of my attention.  When I was in undergrad I had hope of doing planetary studies, but by the time I distilled the proper program I was too far advanced at my institution to change.  I expected to enter into a Planetary Geology program for graduate school but marriage interfered. I’d love […]


Lines Drawn in the Sand


As part of my sanity day on Wednesday I rode out to Treasure Island beach. I was amazed at the warmth of the water, evidently the water temperature sensing part of my brain vividly expects to find all large bodies of water the temperature of the Pacific off Ocean Beach. As I walked the beach […]