Lost logo

Over the US Thanksgiving Day weekend I finally had the opportunity to catch up on Lost. I’ve made it through seasons 4 & 5 and am now working on season 1, with 2-3 to follow. Present Theories: Jacob is the father trying to raise his child.  A loose parallel of Christian and Jack. The Island […]


Battlestar Galactica


I’ve finished the remade Battlestar Galactica and it is to Sci-Fi what Sarah Palin is to a competent political career. Though mildly entertaining it was more of a Thornbirds in space or Dynasty with rocketships than it was anything close to Science Fiction.  The story was internally inconsistent and the writers had only one formula […]


The Prisoner


My first brush with the series came at a 2005 Halloween party in San Francisco. The woman I was dating at the time noticed someone dressed in blue pants, deck shoe, and dark blue jacket with white piping and cried out “The Prisoner”. I thought to myself… doesn’t look like a prisoner.. she must have […]




Continuing in my exploration of “classic” Sci-Fi series I’ve been watching Sliders. For those that you that are not familiar with the show it follows the adventures of four individuals that have a discovered a way to move or Slide between alternate universes. Most of the episodes focus on the main characters exploring various versions […]


Babylon 5


Having recently finished the Startgate SG-1 and Farscape series I am starting on Babylon 5. I’ve got the pilot, Babylon 5: The Gathering, on now. Despite its age so far the imagery and effects look decent. The dialog is a little dated, but so far not bad. —————————————— 4-17-09 —————————————— I’ve finished Season 1. The […]