Canon, Vodka, Shopping, & Farscape

Wow its Tuesday and I’m actually getting the weekend wrap-up out the door.

Friday a new camera arrived, Canon EOS Digital Rebel!!!!  whoo!!!!  it has been nearly 5 years since I’ve had a digital SLR..  I’ve already taken several hundred photos with it… but have yet to download any.  I also converted my photos from iPhoto to Aperture and have yet to import any additional ones.   Friday night was the Gulfport Artwalk so Shelley and I rode our bikes down to our old stomping grounds camera in tow.  I played the role of artistically minded tourist.  Dinner was at Le Moulin Jaune.  A little french cafe that brought back memories of Tartine’s.  (Please someone go have some bread pudding and and eclair for me)  Friday ended with a party at Joe’s place where Shelley played a very memorable game of beer pong.

Saturday was a shopping excursion in preparation for the upcoming trip to Chicago (and dinner at Alinea) 5 hours invested and we walked away with a dress and a bra.   Dinner that night was at Hook’s Sushi.  By far the best sushi we’ve had here in Tampa Bay.  Kimchi salad and baby octopus salad got us started.  An assortment of common sushi and rolls followed, with one exception, conch. it’s kinda like octopus… crunchy but not chewy.  

Sunday was a bike ride to the Pier in St. Petersburg and a shopping trip to Rollin Oats.  Later in the evening we enjoyed a drink, Polish New Year, 2-3 shots of vodka in a whisky glass consumed ice cold and at one draught followed by an ice cold apple juice chaser.

Throughout the weekend various episodes of Farscape season 2 were consumed and I’m as far as My Three Chritons.

The image with the post is of my friend Mike.  It was the first picture I took with my previous Canon SLR, March 17, 2004.



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