Best Margarita Quest

Today is Cinco de Mayo and is traditionally celebrated with a margarita!    What better day then to launch my quest for the best margarita ever!

There are two parts to this quest.
1. Best recipe
2. Place/bartender that  crafts the best margarita

As for part 1 my present favorite served in a salt rimmed glass is:

  • 2 oz tequila
  • 1/2 oz agave nectar
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz chilled water

For places to find margaritas here in Tampa Bay it is the V.I.P. on Treasure Island.  I wish I had spent more time at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco to explore the variety of tequila and margaritas that they create.

What is it you like about margaritas in terms of taste and experience?  What makes your favorite, your favorite?

I expect that I’ll have a long thirsty road in front of me, but I feel up to the challenge!

6-6-09  Update

My exploration so far has led me to the following conclusions/guidelines

  •  Use only 100% Agave tequilla
  • Silver Tequilla is the best choice as it provides good flavor but not overwhelmingly so.
  • I don’t like lower end Triple Sec so am trying Margarita variants using Grand Marnier and Cointreau 

More to learn!

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  1. Jennifer Dippel says:

    I too love a fresh margarita. My husband and I developed our favorite with, as you may find, Grand Marnier. The finally touch that smoothes out the edges and makes it almost illegally good is a splash of ….. (don’t hate me) sunny delight original. for under $2 you can buy a small container and see if you agree. We have converted many die hard tequila haters this way. ; )

  2. kestrachern says:

    Margaritas with Sunny D? Thanks for the tip, I’ll pick some up when next at the store and let you know..

    I also have started adding a splash of Patron Citronage to soften the flavor. It’s a little sweeter than Grand Marnier and I’m not sure which I like better yet…


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