Babylon 5

Having recently finished the Startgate SG-1 and Farscape series I am starting on Babylon 5. I’ve got the pilot, Babylon 5: The Gathering, on now. Despite its age so far the imagery and effects look decent. The dialog is a little dated, but so far not bad.


I’ve finished Season 1. The start was a little slow and dialogue somewhat rough.  Season 2 is off to a better start.  More involved and in episode 7 I caught several quotes or references to The Prisoner.  I wonder if there are any other easter eggs to be found later in the series.  


It’s Earthday and I’m deep into season 3. I find it interesting at the plot twists especially in some manner foreshadowing the changes in the US government after September 2001.

The acting is getting better more along the line of a Sci-Fi soap opera, but tackling much different subject matter.  Lots of faces are showing up in the series that went on to larger roles in other series, Stargate SG1 captured many.  The personal complications seemingly have taken a back seat to much grander themes of political intrigue and the fight for survival.  The story now compares to that of Dune.

I’ve not seen Walter Koenig in much outside of the Star Trek franchise and am really enjoying his portrayal of the lead PsyCop.


The themes in Season 4 are strikingly similar to the last two seasons of  Stargate SG-1 the Ori story arc.
And as Babylon 5 was written before SG-1 that explains that.   Curious as to what happens in the next 30 some episode 🙂 

I began season 5 this morning. Season 4 was dark and intense. Strong elements of psychological testing and challenges similar to that in The Prisoner.

On with the show!


More to learn!

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