Adventure with no Hospital!

It was an adventuresome weekend with no trip to hospital, complimentary or otherwise!  Friday night dinner was at a new place for Shelley and I, Chattaway. I ended up having their deep fried half chicken and double cole slaw and Shelley had the grouper salad.   Both were delicious.  We wanted some key lime pie for dessert but none was on the menu. It must have been a key lime pie shortage in St. Petersburg as the next place we stopped had mango key lime, but not just the simple version.  Feeling quite wound up we decided to go for a two part late night bike ride.   Both parts began with us leaving Chez Kitteh and heading in the direction of the Pier.  First we went north along Coffee Pot Bayou then looping around we went south along Lassing Park and Salt Creek exploring some of more affluent housing communities in Olde Southe East St. Petersburg.  (See Adventure Friday Part 1 & Part 2 for all the details)  We did not get to sleep until close to 5am the next morning…   Sometime during the night was a very strange text conversation….  I still can’t figure out how I could respond…

A short lie in and we were up and moving to the Saturday Morning Market near Progress Energy Park.  A few veggies to keep us healthy for the next few days and off to Kahwa Coffee as Shelley needed a little pick me up. I had a private party to work at 3pm so did not get much else accomplished other than putting away my freshly washed clothes.  Alexis had called messaged about a band coming to the Ringside Cafe.. but I was very tired after the party and despite it being only 11 PM fell asleep on the couch to the Star Trek episode “The Devil in the Dark”  Shelley and I did get a few hands of in of Baja Rummy.  If you’ve never played it is one of the longest rummy variants you will ever try.   I also lost two pair of headphones to Angus. munch munch munch.. it is his form of kitty crack.  Something in that flexible wire coating spurrs his desire to devour. 

Waking up @ 6am on Sunday I moved from the couch to the bed for a few more hours of rest before embarking to Pass-A-Grille Beach.  As we rode to the beach we saw an unfortunate personal watercraft launch attempt.  Fire and Rescue teams had been called out to help retrieve a truck from the water near the Don ceSar resort.  Despite the parking brake being set the truck had slid down the ramp and into the bay.   The beach was fantastic as always!!!   Soft white sand and lovely water.  The only challenge to having a good time is not to get a sunburn.  Mission Accomplished!  Lunch was at Brass Monkey a little further down the beach.  A great little restaurant with a quirky casual-fine dining atmosphere. Margaritas, grouper sandwich, and key lime pie. mmmmmmmmmm

Intermittent napping when we returned home with some web work filling the remaining time held me over till we met Chris and Tyler for dinner at Bella Brava.  The had recently returned from their wedding/honeymoon in North Carolina and we were excited to hear about it.  Chris and I also had hopes to discuss some party planning.. but never got around to talking about it.

I situated myself in the side office (or guest room) after dinner and got back to working on some things..   it turned out to be more of a light organizational session.. as I was having a hard time focusing but was not feeling tired enough to fall asleep. My weekend eventually ended about 1AM as I made my way to bed.



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