three images from January 1, 2013
Kestrachern SkyDiving Photo

I’m feeling unattractively enthusiastic for 2013!


Philadelphia for Sandy’s reception

What a wonderful weekend. Friday KD and I had a lovely relaxing day. Morning began with a trip to a local diner before heading off to the post office for a new PO box for SMHeart and renewing my passport. On the way home we took a stroll through Harlem. Saturday started with a shopping […]


Vietnamese dinner and Toni & Eric stay over

The weekend began with a late dinner at a wonderful little Vietnamese restaurant with Lucy, Thurman, Billy, KD & myself. Huge portions and good prices!! The weather was cooler and KD and I entertained walking home from 193rd st. Instead we had a short tour of the Bronx as Lucy drove Billy and Thurman home. […]


Rusty stole my lunch

Monday Eric and Toni left for Chicago this morning to start a new job!! Wahoo!! Tuesday Angus was very snuggly this morning. During lunch on Chelsea pier, Rusty a black lab munched my nearly completed lunch. His owner Viva was mortified. It turned out that I was not as busy at work as I expected […]